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Use, for example, to distribute existing Customizing settings and test site master data from your test system to a new production system.


You distribute site master data to a new client or system using the following combination of copying the client and ALE:

  1. Make a client copy

This copies your own organization structure, or that delivered by SAP, and results in the following being present in the target system:

This assignment is present in the target system before the corresponding customer or vendor master record. To avoid data inconsistency, do not change site data, such as the address, in the target system.

  1. Distribute the customer or vendor master data by ALE

To ensure address consistency, the system checks the assignment of the corresponding site master to the customer or vendor master record.

The customer or vendor master has the same address as the site. Once customer master and vendor master data are distributed successfully by ALE, you can process site data in site master maintenance. To avoid inconsistency in the data, do not process site IMG from site master maintenance.

Deleting Sites After Copying the Client

After you copy the client, all site data is present in the target system. This includes test data that is not updated by customer or vendor master data distributed later by ALE. Do not maintain this test data in the target system as this may lead to errors in operative data. SAP recommends that you delete unwanted site master data in the target system, using one of the following:

Use the archiving object Structure link WS_ACSITE.

Use a modified copy of the delete program ERASE_SITE. The full Customizing setting and the retail-specific application data of the site master are deleted. If the site master is assigned to a corresponding customer or vendor master record, the latter is not taken into account during the deletion of the site master.

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