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Coupons entitle customers to a bonus for purchasing merchandise. For example, buy two pairs of pants and get a third one free, or an extra 20% off on all previously marked-down merchandise, or a free gift with purchase of any three promotional articles.

Coupons are treated as articles in the SAP system. You create an article master data record for each coupon. Article type COUP is delivered with the standard system, but you can define additional article types for coupons, if you wish. You can specify an expiration date by setting the appropriate validity dates in the POS view of the article master.


Coupon information is downloaded to POS at the same time as other promotion data. You configure the POS side to verify that the required articles are purchased in the correct quantities before the coupon is applied. If the coupon is good for a set amount on a particular article (say, 50 cents off a box of laundry detergent), then when the coupon is scanned at POS, it appears on the register receipt as a negative amount (-0.50).

The sales transaction data is uploaded to the SAP system via POS inbound processing. The price rebate amounts are then posted to the appropriate vendor and/or store, according to the distribution ratio defined in the coupon profile.


You assign articles to the promotion as usual, but in addition you also assign one or more coupons in the coupon view. Then save the promotion.

You then create a bonus buy, which is actually a set of conditions for bonuses on merchandise. By choosing Bonus Buy in the Promotion function, you jump to the Bonus Buy function within the Conditions component. Here you can assign articles and coupons to the bonus buy.

         If a coupon is valid for all articles within the promotion, you can simply enter the promotion number on the Article Grouping screen.

         If you want to apply a coupon to only a few of the articles in the promotion, you enter only those articles on the Bonus Buy screen.

You can also specify conditions for the coupon: minimum quantity to be purchased before the coupon can be applied (for example, buy 3 get 1 free), or minimum dollar amount (for example, 20% off with purchase of $50 or more), or other conditions.

For more detailed information on creating bonus buys, including ones not involved in promotions, see Structure linkBonus Buys.


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