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Entering Level 1 Node Purchasing (MM-PUR)Purchasing (MM-PUR)Leaving Level 1 Node Purchasing (MM-PUR)
   Entering Level 2 Node Procurement in Materials ManagementProcurement in Materials ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Procurement in Materials Management
      Entering Level 3 Node Proc. for Stock vs. Proc. for Direct ConsumptionProc. for Stock vs. Proc. for Direct ConsumptionLeaving Level 3 Node Proc. for Stock vs. Proc. for Direct Consumption
   Entering Level 2 Node Organization of an Enterprise in the SAP SystemOrganization of an Enterprise in the SAP SystemLeaving Level 2 Node Organization of an Enterprise in the SAP System
      Entering Level 3 Node Example: Working with Reference Purchasing OrganizationsExample: Working with Reference Purchasing OrganizationsLeaving Level 3 Node Example: Working with Reference Purchasing Organizations
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchasing MenuPurchasing MenuLeaving Level 2 Node Purchasing Menu
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchasing DocumentPurchasing DocumentLeaving Level 2 Node Purchasing Document
      Entering Level 3 Node Working with Purchasing DocumentsWorking with Purchasing DocumentsLeaving Level 3 Node Working with Purchasing Documents
   Entering Level 2 Node Master Records from the Purchasing ViewMaster Records from the Purchasing ViewLeaving Level 2 Node Master Records from the Purchasing View
      Entering Level 3 Node Material Master DataMaterial Master DataLeaving Level 3 Node Material Master Data
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Purchasing Data in Mat. Master RecordMaintaining Purchasing Data in Mat. Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Purchasing Data in Mat. Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Example: Configurable Materials in PurchasingExample: Configurable Materials in PurchasingLeaving Level 4 Node Example: Configurable Materials in Purchasing
      Entering Level 3 Node Vendor Master DataVendor Master DataLeaving Level 3 Node Vendor Master Data
         Entering Level 4 Node Partner Roles in PurchasingPartner Roles in PurchasingLeaving Level 4 Node Partner Roles in Purchasing
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor Sub-Range in PurchasingVendor Sub-Range in PurchasingLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Sub-Range in Purchasing
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Vendor Master RecordsMaintaining Vendor Master RecordsLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Vendor Master Records
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Different DataMaintaining Different DataLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Different Data
      Entering Level 3 Node Master Data in PurchasingMaster Data in PurchasingLeaving Level 3 Node Master Data in Purchasing
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchasing Applications with New Interactive Design (Enjoy)Purchasing Applications with New Interactive Design (Enjoy)Leaving Level 2 Node Purchasing Applications with New Interactive Design (Enjoy)
      Entering Level 3 Node The New Interactive DesignThe New Interactive DesignLeaving Level 3 Node The New Interactive Design
      Entering Level 3 Node Personal SettingsPersonal SettingsLeaving Level 3 Node Personal Settings
      Entering Level 3 Node Error LogError LogLeaving Level 3 Node Error Log
      Entering Level 3 Node Working with the Document OverviewWorking with the Document OverviewLeaving Level 3 Node Working with the Document Overview
         Entering Level 4 Node Defining the Document OverviewDefining the Document OverviewLeaving Level 4 Node Defining the Document Overview
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchase Order with New Interactive DesignPurchase Order with New Interactive DesignLeaving Level 3 Node Purchase Order with New Interactive Design
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase OrderCreating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Creating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order by Referencing Another DocumentCreating a Purchase Order by Referencing Another DocumentLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order by Referencing Another Document
         Entering Level 4 Node Releasing Enjoy Purchase OrdersReleasing Enjoy Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 4 Node Releasing Enjoy Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchase Requisition with New Interactive DesignPurchase Requisition with New Interactive DesignLeaving Level 3 Node Purchase Requisition with New Interactive Design
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase RequisitionCreating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase RequisitionLeaving Level 4 Node Creating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase Requisition
         Entering Level 4 Node Copying Purchase Requisitions or ItemsCopying Purchase Requisitions or ItemsLeaving Level 4 Node Copying Purchase Requisitions or Items
         Entering Level 4 Node Blocking Purchase Requisition ItemsBlocking Purchase Requisition ItemsLeaving Level 4 Node Blocking Purchase Requisition Items
         Entering Level 4 Node Releasing Enjoy Purchase RequisitionsReleasing Enjoy Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 4 Node Releasing Enjoy Purchase Requisitions
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchase Requisitions (MM-PUR-REQ)Purchase Requisitions (MM-PUR-REQ)Leaving Level 2 Node Purchase Requisitions (MM-PUR-REQ)
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchase RequisitionPurchase RequisitionLeaving Level 3 Node Purchase Requisition
      Entering Level 3 Node Manual Creation of Purchase RequisitionsManual Creation of Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Manual Creation of Purchase Requisitions
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Requisition - w. Master RecordCreating a Purchase Requisition - w. Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Requisition - w. Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Purch. Requisition - w/o Master RecordCreating a Purch. Requisition - w/o Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Purch. Requisition - w/o Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Requisition Using Referencing TechniqueCreating a Requisition Using Referencing TechniqueLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Requisition Using Referencing Technique
      Entering Level 3 Node Changing a Purchase RequisitionChanging a Purchase RequisitionLeaving Level 3 Node Changing a Purchase Requisition
         Entering Level 4 Node Displaying Change Log for Requisition ItemDisplaying Change Log for Requisition ItemLeaving Level 4 Node Displaying Change Log for Requisition Item
      Entering Level 3 Node Mass-Maintenance of Purchase RequisitionsMass-Maintenance of Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Mass-Maintenance of Purchase Requisitions
      Entering Level 3 Node Flagging Purchase Requisition Items as “Closed”Flagging Purchase Requisition Items as “Closed”Leaving Level 3 Node Flagging Purchase Requisition Items as “Closed”
      Entering Level 3 Node Displaying a Purchase RequisitionDisplaying a Purchase RequisitionLeaving Level 3 Node Displaying a Purchase Requisition
      Entering Level 3 Node Analyses of Purchase RequisitionsAnalyses of Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Analyses of Purchase Requisitions
      Entering Level 3 Node Archiving Purchase RequisitionsArchiving Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Archiving Purchase Requisitions
   Entering Level 2 Node RFQ and Quotation (MM-PUR-RFQ)RFQ and Quotation (MM-PUR-RFQ)Leaving Level 2 Node RFQ and Quotation (MM-PUR-RFQ)
      Entering Level 3 Node Request for QuotationRequest for QuotationLeaving Level 3 Node Request for Quotation
      Entering Level 3 Node QuotationQuotationLeaving Level 3 Node Quotation
      Entering Level 3 Node Issuing RFQs and Obtaining QuotationsIssuing RFQs and Obtaining QuotationsLeaving Level 3 Node Issuing RFQs and Obtaining Quotations
      Entering Level 3 Node Selecting Vendors Who Are to Receive RFQsSelecting Vendors Who Are to Receive RFQsLeaving Level 3 Node Selecting Vendors Who Are to Receive RFQs
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating RFQsCreating RFQsLeaving Level 3 Node Creating RFQs
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating an RFQ ManuallyCreating an RFQ ManuallyLeaving Level 4 Node Creating an RFQ Manually
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating an RFQ by Copying or ReferencingCreating an RFQ by Copying or ReferencingLeaving Level 4 Node Creating an RFQ by Copying or Referencing
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Delivery Schedule for an RFQCreating a Delivery Schedule for an RFQLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Delivery Schedule for an RFQ
      Entering Level 3 Node Changing an RFQ and Displaying the Change LogChanging an RFQ and Displaying the Change LogLeaving Level 3 Node Changing an RFQ and Displaying the Change Log
      Entering Level 3 Node Entering a Quotation Against an RFQEntering a Quotation Against an RFQLeaving Level 3 Node Entering a Quotation Against an RFQ
      Entering Level 3 Node Comparing QuotationsComparing QuotationsLeaving Level 3 Node Comparing Quotations
      Entering Level 3 Node Rejecting QuotationsRejecting QuotationsLeaving Level 3 Node Rejecting Quotations
      Entering Level 3 Node Monitoring RFQs and QuotationsMonitoring RFQs and QuotationsLeaving Level 3 Node Monitoring RFQs and Quotations
      Entering Level 3 Node Archiving RFQsArchiving RFQsLeaving Level 3 Node Archiving RFQs
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchase Orders (MM-PUR-PO)Purchase Orders (MM-PUR-PO)Leaving Level 2 Node Purchase Orders (MM-PUR-PO)
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchase OrderPurchase OrderLeaving Level 3 Node Purchase Order
      Entering Level 3 Node Item CategoryItem CategoryLeaving Level 3 Node Item Category
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating a Purchase OrderCreating a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 3 Node Creating a Purchase Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order Manually (Vendor Known)Creating a Purchase Order Manually (Vendor Known)Leaving Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order Manually (Vendor Known)
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a PO - With Master RecordCreating a PO - With Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a PO - With Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a PO - Without a Master RecordCreating a PO - Without a Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a PO - Without a Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a PO by Copying or ReferencingCreating a PO by Copying or ReferencingLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a PO by Copying or Referencing
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining a Delivery Schedule for a POMaintaining a Delivery Schedule for a POLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining a Delivery Schedule for a PO
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order With Zero ValueCreating a Purchase Order With Zero ValueLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Purchase Order With Zero Value
      Entering Level 3 Node Account AssignmentAccount AssignmentLeaving Level 3 Node Account Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Specifying Single Account AssignmentSpecifying Single Account AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Specifying Single Account Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Specifying Multiple Account AssignmentSpecifying Multiple Account AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Specifying Multiple Account Assignment
      Entering Level 3 Node Units of Measure in Purchase OrdersUnits of Measure in Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Units of Measure in Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Incoterms and Shipping/Delivery InstructionsIncoterms and Shipping/Delivery InstructionsLeaving Level 3 Node Incoterms and Shipping/Delivery Instructions
         Entering Level 4 Node Specifying Incoterms and Shipping/Delivery Instr.Specifying Incoterms and Shipping/Delivery Instr.Leaving Level 4 Node Specifying Incoterms and Shipping/Delivery Instr.
      Entering Level 3 Node Goods-Receipt-Based Invoice VerificationGoods-Receipt-Based Invoice VerificationLeaving Level 3 Node Goods-Receipt-Based Invoice Verification
      Entering Level 3 Node Materials Subject to Split ValuationMaterials Subject to Split ValuationLeaving Level 3 Node Materials Subject to Split Valuation
      Entering Level 3 Node Goods Receipt Without Reference to Purchase OrderGoods Receipt Without Reference to Purchase OrderLeaving Level 3 Node Goods Receipt Without Reference to Purchase Order
      Entering Level 3 Node ReturnsReturnsLeaving Level 3 Node Returns
         Entering Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor and Store ReturnsReturns to Vendor and Store ReturnsLeaving Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor and Store Returns
      Entering Level 3 Node Invoicing PlanInvoicing PlanLeaving Level 3 Node Invoicing Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating an Invoicing PlanCreating an Invoicing PlanLeaving Level 4 Node Creating an Invoicing Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Settlement of Amounts Due Under Invoicing PlansSettlement of Amounts Due Under Invoicing PlansLeaving Level 4 Node Settlement of Amounts Due Under Invoicing Plans
         Entering Level 4 Node Generating Further Invoicing Plan DatesGenerating Further Invoicing Plan DatesLeaving Level 4 Node Generating Further Invoicing Plan Dates
      Entering Level 3 Node Changing, Cancelling, and Blocking Purchase OrdersChanging, Cancelling, and Blocking Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Changing, Cancelling, and Blocking Purchase Orders
         Entering Level 4 Node Changing a Purchase OrderChanging a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Changing a Purchase Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Cancelling a Purchase OrderCancelling a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Cancelling a Purchase Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Blocking a Purchase OrderBlocking a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Blocking a Purchase Order
      Entering Level 3 Node Mass Maintenance of Purchase OrdersMass Maintenance of Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Mass Maintenance of Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Monitoring Purchase OrdersMonitoring Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Monitoring Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Archiving Purchase OrdersArchiving Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Archiving Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Configurable Materials in PurchasingConfigurable Materials in PurchasingLeaving Level 3 Node Configurable Materials in Purchasing
   Entering Level 2 Node Outline Purchase Agreements with Vendors (MM-PUR-OA)Outline Purchase Agreements with Vendors (MM-PUR-OA)Leaving Level 2 Node Outline Purchase Agreements with Vendors (MM-PUR-OA)
      Entering Level 3 Node Outline Purchase AgreementOutline Purchase AgreementLeaving Level 3 Node Outline Purchase Agreement
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating an Outl. Agmt. by Copying or ReferencingCreating an Outl. Agmt. by Copying or ReferencingLeaving Level 4 Node Creating an Outl. Agmt. by Copying or Referencing
         Entering Level 4 Node Changing, Cancelling, & Blocking Outl. AgreementsChanging, Cancelling, & Blocking Outl. AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Changing, Cancelling, & Blocking Outl. Agreements
            Entering Level 5 Node Changing an Outline AgreementChanging an Outline AgreementLeaving Level 5 Node Changing an Outline Agreement
            Entering Level 5 Node Cancelling Items of an Outline AgreementCancelling Items of an Outline AgreementLeaving Level 5 Node Cancelling Items of an Outline Agreement
            Entering Level 5 Node Blocking Items of an Outline AgreementBlocking Items of an Outline AgreementLeaving Level 5 Node Blocking Items of an Outline Agreement
         Entering Level 4 Node Monitoring Outline AgreementsMonitoring Outline AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Monitoring Outline Agreements
         Entering Level 4 Node Archiving Outline AgreementsArchiving Outline AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Archiving Outline Agreements
         Entering Level 4 Node Conditions in Outline AgreementsConditions in Outline AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Conditions in Outline Agreements
      Entering Level 3 Node ContractContractLeaving Level 3 Node Contract
         Entering Level 4 Node Distributed ContractsDistributed ContractsLeaving Level 4 Node Distributed Contracts
            Entering Level 5 Node Example: Working With Distributed ContractsExample: Working With Distributed ContractsLeaving Level 5 Node Example: Working With Distributed Contracts
            Entering Level 5 Node Working With Distributed ContractsWorking With Distributed ContractsLeaving Level 5 Node Working With Distributed Contracts
         Entering Level 4 Node Centrally Agreed ContractCentrally Agreed ContractLeaving Level 4 Node Centrally Agreed Contract
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a ContractCreating a ContractLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Contract
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating a Contract ManuallyCreating a Contract ManuallyLeaving Level 5 Node Creating a Contract Manually
            Entering Level 5 Node Item Category/Account Assgt. Category in ContractsItem Category/Account Assgt. Category in ContractsLeaving Level 5 Node Item Category/Account Assgt. Category in Contracts
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Contract Release OrderCreating a Contract Release OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Contract Release Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Displaying Release Documentation for ContractDisplaying Release Documentation for ContractLeaving Level 4 Node Displaying Release Documentation for Contract
         Entering Level 4 Node Mass Maintenance of ContractsMass Maintenance of ContractsLeaving Level 4 Node Mass Maintenance of Contracts
      Entering Level 3 Node Scheduling AgreementScheduling AgreementLeaving Level 3 Node Scheduling Agreement
         Entering Level 4 Node Procurement Using Scheduling AgreementsProcurement Using Scheduling AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Procurement Using Scheduling Agreements
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Scheduling AgreementCreating a Scheduling AgreementLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Scheduling Agreement
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating a Scheduling Agreement ManuallyCreating a Scheduling Agreement ManuallyLeaving Level 5 Node Creating a Scheduling Agreement Manually
            Entering Level 5 Node Defining the Firm, Trade-Off, and Planning ZonesDefining the Firm, Trade-Off, and Planning ZonesLeaving Level 5 Node Defining the Firm, Trade-Off, and Planning Zones
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating a Standard Delivery Schedule for an SA ItemCreating a Standard Delivery Schedule for an SA ItemLeaving Level 4 Node Creating a Standard Delivery Schedule for an SA Item
         Entering Level 4 Node Scheduling Agreement Releases: ProcessScheduling Agreement Releases: ProcessLeaving Level 4 Node Scheduling Agreement Releases: Process
            Entering Level 5 Node Materials Planning and Scheduling Agreement ReleaseMaterials Planning and Scheduling Agreement ReleaseLeaving Level 5 Node Materials Planning and Scheduling Agreement Release
            Entering Level 5 Node SA Releases (Forecast or JIT Delivery Schedules)SA Releases (Forecast or JIT Delivery Schedules)Leaving Level 5 Node SA Releases (Forecast or JIT Delivery Schedules)
            Entering Level 5 Node Internet ReleaseInternet ReleaseLeaving Level 5 Node Internet Release
            Entering Level 5 Node Creation ProfileCreation ProfileLeaving Level 5 Node Creation Profile
            Entering Level 5 Node Example: Creation Profile/Creating SA ReleasesExample: Creation Profile/Creating SA ReleasesLeaving Level 5 Node Example: Creation Profile/Creating SA Releases
            Entering Level 5 Node Messages for Scheduling Agreement ReleasesMessages for Scheduling Agreement ReleasesLeaving Level 5 Node Messages for Scheduling Agreement Releases
         Entering Level 4 Node Cumulative QuantitiesCumulative QuantitiesLeaving Level 4 Node Cumulative Quantities
         Entering Level 4 Node Determining the Agreed Cumulative QuantityDetermining the Agreed Cumulative QuantityLeaving Level 4 Node Determining the Agreed Cumulative Quantity
         Entering Level 4 Node Displaying and Printing Release Docu for Scheduling AgreementDisplaying and Printing Release Docu for Scheduling AgreementLeaving Level 4 Node Displaying and Printing Release Docu for Scheduling Agreement
         Entering Level 4 Node Monitoring the Transmission of Delivery SchedulesMonitoring the Transmission of Delivery SchedulesLeaving Level 4 Node Monitoring the Transmission of Delivery Schedules
         Entering Level 4 Node Administration of Scheduling AgreementsAdministration of Scheduling AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Administration of Scheduling Agreements
         Entering Level 4 Node Sched. Agmt. Referencing Centrally Agreed ContractSched. Agmt. Referencing Centrally Agreed ContractLeaving Level 4 Node Sched. Agmt. Referencing Centrally Agreed Contract
         Entering Level 4 Node Mass Maintenance of Scheduling AgreementsMass Maintenance of Scheduling AgreementsLeaving Level 4 Node Mass Maintenance of Scheduling Agreements
   Entering Level 2 Node Purchasing Info Records (MM-PUR-VM)Purchasing Info Records (MM-PUR-VM)Leaving Level 2 Node Purchasing Info Records (MM-PUR-VM)
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchasing Info RecordPurchasing Info RecordLeaving Level 3 Node Purchasing Info Record
      Entering Level 3 Node Conditions in Info RecordsConditions in Info RecordsLeaving Level 3 Node Conditions in Info Records
      Entering Level 3 Node Updating Info Records (InfoUpdate)Updating Info Records (InfoUpdate)Leaving Level 3 Node Updating Info Records (InfoUpdate)
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating Info RecordsCreating Info RecordsLeaving Level 3 Node Creating Info Records
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating Info Record for Material w. Master RecordCreating Info Record for Material w. Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating Info Record for Material w. Master Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating Info Record f. Material w/o Master RecordCreating Info Record f. Material w/o Master RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Creating Info Record f. Material w/o Master Record
      Entering Level 3 Node Changing an Info Record/Displaying Change LogChanging an Info Record/Displaying Change LogLeaving Level 3 Node Changing an Info Record/Displaying Change Log
      Entering Level 3 Node Mass Maintenance of Info RecordsMass Maintenance of Info RecordsLeaving Level 3 Node Mass Maintenance of Info Records
      Entering Level 3 Node Deleting an Info RecordDeleting an Info RecordLeaving Level 3 Node Deleting an Info Record
      Entering Level 3 Node Monitoring Info RecordsMonitoring Info RecordsLeaving Level 3 Node Monitoring Info Records
      Entering Level 3 Node Carrying Out a Net Price SimulationCarrying Out a Net Price SimulationLeaving Level 3 Node Carrying Out a Net Price Simulation
      Entering Level 3 Node Displaying the Order Price HistoryDisplaying the Order Price HistoryLeaving Level 3 Node Displaying the Order Price History
      Entering Level 3 Node Displaying the Quotation Price HistoryDisplaying the Quotation Price HistoryLeaving Level 3 Node Displaying the Quotation Price History
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating a Buyer’s Negotiation SheetCreating a Buyer’s Negotiation SheetLeaving Level 3 Node Creating a Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet
      Entering Level 3 Node Archiving Info RecordsArchiving Info RecordsLeaving Level 3 Node Archiving Info Records
   Entering Level 2 Node Optimized Purchasing (MM-PUR-SQ)Optimized Purchasing (MM-PUR-SQ)Leaving Level 2 Node Optimized Purchasing (MM-PUR-SQ)
      Entering Level 3 Node Source DeterminationSource DeterminationLeaving Level 3 Node Source Determination
         Entering Level 4 Node Source ListSource ListLeaving Level 4 Node Source List
            Entering Level 5 Node Maintaining the Source ListMaintaining the Source ListLeaving Level 5 Node Maintaining the Source List
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating a Source List ManuallyCreating a Source List ManuallyLeaving Level 5 Node Creating a Source List Manually
            Entering Level 5 Node Automatic Generation of Source ListAutomatic Generation of Source ListLeaving Level 5 Node Automatic Generation of Source List
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating Source List Using Referencing TechniqueCreating Source List Using Referencing TechniqueLeaving Level 5 Node Creating Source List Using Referencing Technique
            Entering Level 5 Node Deleting Source List RecordsDeleting Source List RecordsLeaving Level 5 Node Deleting Source List Records
            Entering Level 5 Node Monitoring the Source ListMonitoring the Source ListLeaving Level 5 Node Monitoring the Source List
         Entering Level 4 Node Quota ArrangementQuota ArrangementLeaving Level 4 Node Quota Arrangement
            Entering Level 5 Node Maintaining a Quota ArrangementMaintaining a Quota ArrangementLeaving Level 5 Node Maintaining a Quota Arrangement
            Entering Level 5 Node Determining the Source Under a Quota ArrangementDetermining the Source Under a Quota ArrangementLeaving Level 5 Node Determining the Source Under a Quota Arrangement
            Entering Level 5 Node Revision of Quota ArrangementRevision of Quota ArrangementLeaving Level 5 Node Revision of Quota Arrangement
            Entering Level 5 Node Monitoring Quota ArrangementsMonitoring Quota ArrangementsLeaving Level 5 Node Monitoring Quota Arrangements
         Entering Level 4 Node Assigning Requisns. to Sources/Further ProcessingAssigning Requisns. to Sources/Further ProcessingLeaving Level 4 Node Assigning Requisns. to Sources/Further Processing
            Entering Level 5 Node Assigning Requisitions to SourcesAssigning Requisitions to SourcesLeaving Level 5 Node Assigning Requisitions to Sources
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating POs, Schedule Lines, and RFQs from PReqs.Creating POs, Schedule Lines, and RFQs from PReqs.Leaving Level 5 Node Creating POs, Schedule Lines, and RFQs from PReqs.
            Entering Level 5 Node Enjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase OrdersEnjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 5 Node Enjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase Orders
         Entering Level 4 Node Enjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase OrdersEnjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 4 Node Enjoy Purchase Requisition – Creating Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node Automatic Generation of POs from RequisitionsAutomatic Generation of POs from RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Automatic Generation of POs from Requisitions
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating Purchase Orders with Source DeterminationCreating Purchase Orders with Source DeterminationLeaving Level 3 Node Creating Purchase Orders with Source Determination
      Entering Level 3 Node Optimizing the Order QuantityOptimizing the Order QuantityLeaving Level 3 Node Optimizing the Order Quantity
   Entering Level 2 Node Entering Text, Printing and Transmitting DocumentsEntering Text, Printing and Transmitting DocumentsLeaving Level 2 Node Entering Text, Printing and Transmitting Documents
      Entering Level 3 Node Text TypesText TypesLeaving Level 3 Node Text Types
      Entering Level 3 Node Editing TextsEditing TextsLeaving Level 3 Node Editing Texts
      Entering Level 3 Node Working with Frequently Used TextsWorking with Frequently Used TextsLeaving Level 3 Node Working with Frequently Used Texts
      Entering Level 3 Node MessagesMessagesLeaving Level 3 Node Messages
         Entering Level 4 Node MessagesMessagesLeaving Level 4 Node Messages
         Entering Level 4 Node Message via E-MailMessage via E-MailLeaving Level 4 Node Message via E-Mail
         Entering Level 4 Node Message TypeMessage TypeLeaving Level 4 Node Message Type
         Entering Level 4 Node Message Type: Fine-Tuned ControlMessage Type: Fine-Tuned ControlLeaving Level 4 Node Message Type: Fine-Tuned Control
         Entering Level 4 Node Message RecordMessage RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Message Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Output of Purchasing Docs. (Message Determination)Output of Purchasing Docs. (Message Determination)Leaving Level 4 Node Output of Purchasing Docs. (Message Determination)
         Entering Level 4 Node Creating Message RecordsCreating Message RecordsLeaving Level 4 Node Creating Message Records
         Entering Level 4 Node Outputting MessagesOutputting MessagesLeaving Level 4 Node Outputting Messages
            Entering Level 5 Node Changing Output CriteriaChanging Output CriteriaLeaving Level 5 Node Changing Output Criteria
         Entering Level 4 Node Re-Outputting of Messages/Change MessagesRe-Outputting of Messages/Change MessagesLeaving Level 4 Node Re-Outputting of Messages/Change Messages
         Entering Level 4 Node Reminders and Urging Letters (Expediters)Reminders and Urging Letters (Expediters)Leaving Level 4 Node Reminders and Urging Letters (Expediters)
         Entering Level 4 Node Urging Vendors to Submit Outstanding AcknowledgmentsUrging Vendors to Submit Outstanding AcknowledgmentsLeaving Level 4 Node Urging Vendors to Submit Outstanding Acknowledgments
      Entering Level 3 Node Layout of Purchasing DocumentsLayout of Purchasing DocumentsLeaving Level 3 Node Layout of Purchasing Documents
   Entering Level 2 Node Reporting in PurchasingReporting in PurchasingLeaving Level 2 Node Reporting in Purchasing
      Entering Level 3 Node Creating and Running Reports and AnalysesCreating and Running Reports and AnalysesLeaving Level 3 Node Creating and Running Reports and Analyses
      Entering Level 3 Node Adjusting List AnalysesAdjusting List AnalysesLeaving Level 3 Node Adjusting List Analyses
      Entering Level 3 Node General AnalysesGeneral AnalysesLeaving Level 3 Node General Analyses
      Entering Level 3 Node Analysis of Order ValuesAnalysis of Order ValuesLeaving Level 3 Node Analysis of Order Values
      Entering Level 3 Node Goods Receipt ForecastGoods Receipt ForecastLeaving Level 3 Node Goods Receipt Forecast
   Entering Level 2 Node Conditions and Price Determination (MM-PUR-VM)Conditions and Price Determination (MM-PUR-VM)Leaving Level 2 Node Conditions and Price Determination (MM-PUR-VM)
      Entering Level 3 Node Time-Dependent ConditionsTime-Dependent ConditionsLeaving Level 3 Node Time-Dependent Conditions
      Entering Level 3 Node Time-Independent ConditionsTime-Independent ConditionsLeaving Level 3 Node Time-Independent Conditions
      Entering Level 3 Node Conditions for Several Purchasing OrganizationsConditions for Several Purchasing OrganizationsLeaving Level 3 Node Conditions for Several Purchasing Organizations
      Entering Level 3 Node Condition TechniqueCondition TechniqueLeaving Level 3 Node Condition Technique
      Entering Level 3 Node Price DeterminationPrice DeterminationLeaving Level 3 Node Price Determination
         Entering Level 4 Node Determination of Purchase Price (Example)Determination of Purchase Price (Example)Leaving Level 4 Node Determination of Purchase Price (Example)
      Entering Level 3 Node Some Selected ConditionsSome Selected ConditionsLeaving Level 3 Node Some Selected Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node TaxesTaxesLeaving Level 4 Node Taxes
         Entering Level 4 Node Planned Delivery CostsPlanned Delivery CostsLeaving Level 4 Node Planned Delivery Costs
         Entering Level 4 Node Foreign CurrencyForeign CurrencyLeaving Level 4 Node Foreign Currency
         Entering Level 4 Node Different CurrencyDifferent CurrencyLeaving Level 4 Node Different Currency
         Entering Level 4 Node Price VariancePrice VarianceLeaving Level 4 Node Price Variance
         Entering Level 4 Node Weight- or Volume-Dependent ConditionsWeight- or Volume-Dependent ConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Weight- or Volume-Dependent Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Conditions Dependent on the Order UnitConditions Dependent on the Order UnitLeaving Level 4 Node Conditions Dependent on the Order Unit
         Entering Level 4 Node Daily Ruling Prices for Precious MetalsDaily Ruling Prices for Precious MetalsLeaving Level 4 Node Daily Ruling Prices for Precious Metals
         Entering Level 4 Node Estimated PriceEstimated PriceLeaving Level 4 Node Estimated Price
      Entering Level 3 Node Maintaining ConditionsMaintaining ConditionsLeaving Level 3 Node Maintaining Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Time-Independent ConditionsMaintaining Time-Independent ConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Time-Independent Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Time-Dependent ConditionsMaintaining Time-Dependent ConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Time-Dependent Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Setting the Market PriceSetting the Market PriceLeaving Level 4 Node Setting the Market Price
         Entering Level 4 Node Listing and Processing Conditions (General Overview)Listing and Processing Conditions (General Overview)Leaving Level 4 Node Listing and Processing Conditions (General Overview)
         Entering Level 4 Node Listing Conditions for an Info RecordListing Conditions for an Info RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Listing Conditions for an Info Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Listing Conditions for a ContractListing Conditions for a ContractLeaving Level 4 Node Listing Conditions for a Contract
         Entering Level 4 Node Listing General ConditionsListing General ConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Listing General Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Customers’ Own ConditionsMaintaining Customers’ Own ConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Customers’ Own Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Changing Prices CollectivelyChanging Prices CollectivelyLeaving Level 4 Node Changing Prices Collectively
         Entering Level 4 Node Changing Time-Dep. Conditions Collectively (Condition Index)Changing Time-Dep. Conditions Collectively (Condition Index)Leaving Level 4 Node Changing Time-Dep. Conditions Collectively (Condition Index)
         Entering Level 4 Node Changing the CurrencyChanging the CurrencyLeaving Level 4 Node Changing the Currency
         Entering Level 4 Node Maintaining Variant Conditions in the Info RecordMaintaining Variant Conditions in the Info RecordLeaving Level 4 Node Maintaining Variant Conditions in the Info Record
         Entering Level 4 Node Updating Prices in the BackgroundUpdating Prices in the BackgroundLeaving Level 4 Node Updating Prices in the Background
      Entering Level 3 Node Automatic Document Adjustment when Conditions ChanAutomatic Document Adjustment when Conditions ChanLeaving Level 3 Node Automatic Document Adjustment when Conditions Chan
   Entering Level 2 Node Vendor ConfirmationsVendor ConfirmationsLeaving Level 2 Node Vendor Confirmations
      Entering Level 3 Node Procurement Using Vendor ConfirmationsProcurement Using Vendor ConfirmationsLeaving Level 3 Node Procurement Using Vendor Confirmations
         Entering Level 4 Node Example: Procurement Process Using Vendor ConfirmationsExample: Procurement Process Using Vendor ConfirmationsLeaving Level 4 Node Example: Procurement Process Using Vendor Confirmations
         Entering Level 4 Node Confirmations from the Purchasing ViewpointConfirmations from the Purchasing ViewpointLeaving Level 4 Node Confirmations from the Purchasing Viewpoint
            Entering Level 5 Node Receiving Vendor Confirmations via EDIReceiving Vendor Confirmations via EDILeaving Level 5 Node Receiving Vendor Confirmations via EDI
               Entering Level 6 Node Example: Checking Acknowledgments Received via EDIExample: Checking Acknowledgments Received via EDILeaving Level 6 Node Example: Checking Acknowledgments Received via EDI
            Entering Level 5 Node Monitoring Vendor ConfirmationsMonitoring Vendor ConfirmationsLeaving Level 5 Node Monitoring Vendor Confirmations
            Entering Level 5 Node Order Acknowledgment ExpeditersOrder Acknowledgment ExpeditersLeaving Level 5 Node Order Acknowledgment Expediters
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating a PO or Outl. Agreement w. Acknowl. Reqt.Creating a PO or Outl. Agreement w. Acknowl. Reqt.Leaving Level 5 Node Creating a PO or Outl. Agreement w. Acknowl. Reqt.
            Entering Level 5 Node Monitoring ConfirmationsMonitoring ConfirmationsLeaving Level 5 Node Monitoring Confirmations
            Entering Level 5 Node Manual Maintenance of ConfirmationsManual Maintenance of ConfirmationsLeaving Level 5 Node Manual Maintenance of Confirmations
            Entering Level 5 Node Creating Inbound Delivery Against Shipping Notif.Creating Inbound Delivery Against Shipping Notif.Leaving Level 5 Node Creating Inbound Delivery Against Shipping Notif.
            Entering Level 5 Node Error Correction: Receipt of Confirmations Via EDIError Correction: Receipt of Confirmations Via EDILeaving Level 5 Node Error Correction: Receipt of Confirmations Via EDI
         Entering Level 4 Node Confirmations from Materials Planning ViewpointConfirmations from Materials Planning ViewpointLeaving Level 4 Node Confirmations from Materials Planning Viewpoint
            Entering Level 5 Node Example: Influence of Confirmations on Materials PlanningExample: Influence of Confirmations on Materials PlanningLeaving Level 5 Node Example: Influence of Confirmations on Materials Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Confirmations from Inventory Management ViewpointConfirmations from Inventory Management ViewpointLeaving Level 4 Node Confirmations from Inventory Management Viewpoint
            Entering Level 5 Node Confirmation-Related Goods ReceiptConfirmation-Related Goods ReceiptLeaving Level 5 Node Confirmation-Related Goods Receipt
   Entering Level 2 Node Release Procedure (MM-PUR-GF)Release Procedure (MM-PUR-GF)Leaving Level 2 Node Release Procedure (MM-PUR-GF)
      Entering Level 3 Node Release ConditionsRelease ConditionsLeaving Level 3 Node Release Conditions
      Entering Level 3 Node Release StrategyRelease StrategyLeaving Level 3 Node Release Strategy
      Entering Level 3 Node Release CodeRelease CodeLeaving Level 3 Node Release Code
      Entering Level 3 Node Release PrerequisitesRelease PrerequisitesLeaving Level 3 Node Release Prerequisites
      Entering Level 3 Node Release IndicatorRelease IndicatorLeaving Level 3 Node Release Indicator
      Entering Level 3 Node Alternative ReleaseAlternative ReleaseLeaving Level 3 Node Alternative Release
      Entering Level 3 Node Release Procedure w/o Classification (Pur. Reqs.)Release Procedure w/o Classification (Pur. Reqs.)Leaving Level 3 Node Release Procedure w/o Classification (Pur. Reqs.)
      Entering Level 3 Node Release w. Classification (PReqs./Ext. Pur. Docs.)Release w. Classification (PReqs./Ext. Pur. Docs.)Leaving Level 3 Node Release w. Classification (PReqs./Ext. Pur. Docs.)
         Entering Level 4 Node Operation of Release Procedure w. ClassificationOperation of Release Procedure w. ClassificationLeaving Level 4 Node Operation of Release Procedure w. Classification
         Entering Level 4 Node Changes After the Start of the Release ProcedureChanges After the Start of the Release ProcedureLeaving Level 4 Node Changes After the Start of the Release Procedure
         Entering Level 4 Node Release with Link to WorkflowRelease with Link to WorkflowLeaving Level 4 Node Release with Link to Workflow
      Entering Level 3 Node Releasing Purchase RequisitionsReleasing Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 3 Node Releasing Purchase Requisitions
         Entering Level 4 Node Displaying Release InformationDisplaying Release InformationLeaving Level 4 Node Displaying Release Information
         Entering Level 4 Node Individual Release of Purchase RequisitionsIndividual Release of Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 4 Node Individual Release of Purchase Requisitions
         Entering Level 4 Node Collective Release of Purchase RequisitionsCollective Release of Purchase RequisitionsLeaving Level 4 Node Collective Release of Purchase Requisitions
         Entering Level 4 Node Simulating ReleaseSimulating ReleaseLeaving Level 4 Node Simulating Release
         Entering Level 4 Node Displaying the Release Reminder ListDisplaying the Release Reminder ListLeaving Level 4 Node Displaying the Release Reminder List
      Entering Level 3 Node Releasing External Purchasing DocumentsReleasing External Purchasing DocumentsLeaving Level 3 Node Releasing External Purchasing Documents
   Entering Level 2 Node Version ManagementVersion ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Version Management
      Entering Level 3 Node Cancelling Versions of Purchase Requisition ItemsCancelling Versions of Purchase Requisition ItemsLeaving Level 3 Node Cancelling Versions of Purchase Requisition Items
      Entering Level 3 Node Deleting Versions of External Purchasing DocumentsDeleting Versions of External Purchasing DocumentsLeaving Level 3 Node Deleting Versions of External Purchasing Documents
      Entering Level 3 Node Texts for Versions in Requisitions and Ext. Purchasing DocumentsTexts for Versions in Requisitions and Ext. Purchasing DocumentsLeaving Level 3 Node Texts for Versions in Requisitions and Ext. Purchasing Documents
   Entering Level 2 Node Further FunctionsFurther FunctionsLeaving Level 2 Node Further Functions
      Entering Level 3 Node Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)Leaving Level 3 Node Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
         Entering Level 4 Node Approved Manufacturer Parts List (AMPL)Approved Manufacturer Parts List (AMPL)Leaving Level 4 Node Approved Manufacturer Parts List (AMPL)
         Entering Level 4 Node Searching for MPN MaterialsSearching for MPN MaterialsLeaving Level 4 Node Searching for MPN Materials
         Entering Level 4 Node Manufacturer Part Number: FunctionsManufacturer Part Number: FunctionsLeaving Level 4 Node Manufacturer Part Number: Functions
      Entering Level 3 Node Addresses in PurchasingAddresses in PurchasingLeaving Level 3 Node Addresses in Purchasing
      Entering Level 3 Node Document Management SystemDocument Management SystemLeaving Level 3 Node Document Management System
      Entering Level 3 Node Commitments in Purchasing (MM-PUR-GF-CO)Commitments in Purchasing (MM-PUR-GF-CO)Leaving Level 3 Node Commitments in Purchasing (MM-PUR-GF-CO)
      Entering Level 3 Node Requirement PrioritizationRequirement PrioritizationLeaving Level 3 Node Requirement Prioritization
      Entering Level 3 Node Integration of Web-Based Catalogs in PurchasingIntegration of Web-Based Catalogs in PurchasingLeaving Level 3 Node Integration of Web-Based Catalogs in Purchasing
   Entering Level 2 Node Subsequent SettlementSubsequent SettlementLeaving Level 2 Node Subsequent Settlement
   Entering Level 2 Node Periodic Declarations (SD-FT-GOV)Periodic Declarations (SD-FT-GOV)Leaving Level 2 Node Periodic Declarations (SD-FT-GOV)
   Entering Level 2 Node Progress TrackingProgress TrackingLeaving Level 2 Node Progress Tracking