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The SAP System offers a variety of utilities for performing administrative tasks.


This chapter covers those system monitoring functions that have not already been described in a separate chapter.


These utilities include the following:

        System messages

With Administration System Administration Administration System messages (transaction SM02), you can send messages to all users who are logged on to an SAP system.

For more information, see Sending System Messages.

        ABAP Short Dumps

If you choose Administration System Administration Monitor Dump Analysis (transaction SM21), you can display the dump summaries generated if an ABAP program terminates abnormally.


If you choose System Status, you can display the current status of the session in which you are active.

The status information includes the transaction of a function. You can enter the transaction at the OK prompt as a "fast path" to the function. You can also use the transaction if you wish to lock a function with Tcode administration.

        Transaction Administration

If you choose Administration System Administration Administration Transaction Code Administration, you can lock or unlock transactions."Transactions" are the programs that lie behind the functions in the menus.

Locking a transaction immediately prevents users from carrying out the function represented by the transaction.


For example, locking Transaction SA38 (ABAP reporting) prevents users from running reports.

        Number Range Buffer

If you choose Administration System Administration Administration Monitor Number Range Buffer, you can display status information on this buffer. The information is useful if you wish to tune the buffer.


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