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The department store is an organizational unit in a retail company, which groups different areas of consumption under one roof. A department store is mapped in SAP Retail as a store with an additional indicator. Unlike a traditional store, a department store cannot manage inventory of merchandise that is destined for the consumer, as article-based/value-based inventory management takes place at shop level. Department stores can represent a comprehensive inventory management level for consumable materials and presentation and sales additionals. The department store groups shops under a physical address. However, this is not essential as different shops can also exist in separate places and simply be assigned logically to one department store.


You use the Create Department Store function to create a department store with the Department Store site profile. The system uses the Department Store site profile to control the individual view within the site master. You can use any site as a reference.

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Site Data Department Store/Shop Create Department Store.


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