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Price level groups allow you to analyze sales data in SAP BW. The assignment of a price group to one or more article groups (merchandise category, article hierarchy) allows you to classify sales with a price band category. The sale of a pair of jeans, for example, can then be assigned with the sales price to the mid-range price band category. If a large amount of data is available it can be used as a basis for business decisions.

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At least one price pattern with two price levels is assigned to a price level group. A price level contains exactly one price threshold and one price band category. Combining the price levels in one pattern allows you to maintain the time-based validity for the price levels.

A price level group is defined in more detail by a price level group category, currency, and multi-language descriptions. The price level group category details the article group to which the price level group can be assigned.


You can use the following transactions to manage price level groups:

        WRF_PRGRP01 – Create Price Level Groups

        WRF_PRGRP01 – Change Price Level Groups

        WRF_PRGRP01 – Display Price Level Groups

        WRF_PRGRP01 – Change Documents for Price Level Groups

        WRF_PRGRP05 – Mass Assignment of Merchandise Categories to Price Level Groups

        WRF_PRGRP06 – Reorganization Report


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