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The store categories Department Store and Shop are enhancements in inventory management for the site master data model in SAP Retail, based on the Store site category. The target groups are retail companies that want to perform detailed inventory management.
If you want to treat the existing departments in a store as standalone units, you must define the departments as Shops, and the Store site category as Department Store. In this context, the department store represents the organizational grouping of individual shops.
If you use the store categories Department Store and Shop, you can map multiple stock placement of articles in a site. The system carries article-specific stock for the individual shops.

Day-to-day activities in department stores/shops can necessitate structural changes. With the following functions the system helps you to map these changes effectively in the system:

        Creating Shops in a New Department Store

        Creating Additional Shops in a Department Store

        Creating New Shops in Several Department Stores

        Closing and Temporarily Blocking Shops

        Including New Merchandise Categories in Several Shops

        Adjusting Supplying Sites for Several Shops

        Adjusting Supply Regions for Several Shops

Alternatively, you can change or enhance individual department stores and shops using the standard functions for site master data (Create/Change Site).


The basic concept of the SAP site does not change for the Department Store and Shop store categories. Department Store and Shop can be used as upwardly compatible in all existing applications. All the processes in the standard system can also be performed at store and shop level. This ensures that the department store is fully integrated into the site master data model.

Department Store and Shop are store categories that have a specific relationship to one another in the site master data concept. If you have to process site master data for a shop, you must assign this shop to the relevant department store. By linking a shop to a department store, the system can assign the data that you have processed at department store level to the relevant shops. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be entered manually at shop level.


        The system does not pass down any changes made at department store level to shops.


As each shop uses its own control parameters and different requirements exist depending on the shop assortment, you can only use the department store as a general reference for creating new shops.

        The system does not pass on merchandise category assignments from the department to the shop, nor from the shop to the department store.

        The names on the screens do not change, so there is no way of immediately differentiating between individual site categories.


There is no difference in the names on the screens as some processes are able to work with both department store and shop categories.

        The system does not support any automatic stock correction of multiple stock placement of articles.

        The system does not support general mass processing for all fields in the site.



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