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When you change over the currency for a company code, you do not have to convert all the POS systems at the associated sites to the new currency at the same time. You can continue to work in the old currency. The field POS currency is provided in the POS data of the site master in the system for this purpose. In this field, you define the currency in which a site makes the POS data available to the ERP system.


When you install the ERP system or when you upgrade to a release higher than Release 4.0, this field automatically contains the currency of the appropriate company code. This POS currency applies until you enter a new currency in the field - even if you change the company code currency.

The POS currency makes use of change documents and thus allows a history to be managed. This enables you to determine the currency valid at the time the till receipt was created, even after conversion has taken place.



       1.      Enter the new currency in the POS currency field of the site in question when you change over the POS system currency.

       2.      As far as possible, make sure that all POS documents are processed before the conversion.

       3.      Make sure that the new prices will be transferred to the POS systems involved once you have changed the POS currency.

You can execute these functions directly using reports, using SAP Business Workflow or the Euro Workbench.

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