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A multiple article assignment is when you assign the same article to several nodes in different categories of an article hierarchy. Within a category, the assignment of the article to the node is always unique.

The following conditions are linked to the use of multiple assignments:

        Multiple assignment leads to a technical stock separation at shop level. The use of the department store concept is therefore an essential prerequisite for multiple assignment.

        If you use the department store concept and a multiple assignment is activated, you must assign a node of the article hierarchy to every shop. You can only select one category node for this, not just any nodes in the article hierarchy.

        If you set the Multiple Article Assignment indicator, a check runs to see whether a category has been assigned for all existing and affected shops. If the hierarchy is distribution-chain-dependent, only the shops in this distribution chain are considered. If you process a shop, and the new Permit Multiple Assignment indicator is set, the Category field in site master maintenance must become a required entry field.

        If you assign an article to an article hierarchy node when the Multiple Article Assignment indicator is set, the standard check for the uniqueness of the assignment is toned down such that a multiple assignment in different categories is permitted, and an error is only reported if there is a multiple assignment within the same category. You cannot assign articles above the category; only end nodes in the hierarchy permit article assignments.

Multiple article assignment is a property of the article hierarchy and can be processed for every planned article hierarchy.



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