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You have the following options for preparing master data:

        Manual selection

        Evaluating change messages

        Creating a full version (initialization)


Before you can prepare change messages, you must have successfully a full version needs to have been generated for the store concerned (initialization).


Manual selection

To prepare master data manually, proceed as follows:


       1.      On the Direct Request for POS Outbound screen, enter selection criteria for the stores for which you wish to prepare data.

       2.      In the subscreen Data to be transferred, select those fields for which you wish to prepare data (for example, article data or EAN/UPC references).

You can make a setting so that the system only prepares data for certain articles by determining selection criteria (for example, articles, EAN or merchandise categories). If you do not make restrictive settings, the system will prepare the data for all the articles in the selected stores.

       3.      Choose Program Execute.

You then receive a list of the IDocs created.

Change messages and full versions:

If you want to prepare master data or create a full version using change messages, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Distributed retailing POS interface and then

        Outbound POS data Change message if the system is to format change messages.

In the control check box, you can select parallel processing. This is recommended if a large number of recipients (for example, hundreds of stores) receive assortment lists. You can enter the server group to be used.

        Outbound POS data Initialization if the system is to prepare a full version.

The initial screen is displayed.

       2.      Enter the selection criteria for the relevant store.

       3.      Choose Program Execute.

The system lists the IDocs that you have created.



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