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Article hierarchy maintenance enables you to group your articles hierarchies in such a way that are oriented around the customer and the customer’s needs.

Article hierarchy maintenance specifically supports the definition of a category hierarchy that is used in Category Management.

Process Flow


       1.      You create an article hierarchy. You have the option of using an existing article hierarchy as a template.

For more information, see Creating an Article Hierarchy.

       2.      Maintenance of the hierarchy tree

After you have created the article hierarchy you enter the actual maintenance of the article hierarchy.

First assign nodes to an article hierarchy and then assign articles to the nodes. You can maintain language-dependent descriptions for the nodes.

For more information, see Maintaining the Hierarchy Tree.

You can use the search help in article hierarchy maintenance to select any node or article in the article hierarchy and therefore navigate to any node and article in the hierarchy.

       3.      Activating a planned article hierarchy

Once you have finished planning the hierarchy, you activate it. You can use active hierarchies operationally and in planning and reporting.

There are two ways of changing active hierarchies:

        Simulate and copy planned changes to an active article hierarchy

        Make changes to an active article hierarchy

You can also deactivate an article hierarchy.

For more information, see Planned/Active Article Hierarchy.

You cannot change deactivated hierarchies, nor use them operationally.

       4.      Reassigning nodes and articles of an article hierarchy

You can reassign a node in an article hierarchy under another node in the same hierarchy. You can also assign articles under a node to another node in the hierarchy.

For more information, see Reassigning Nodes and Articles in the Article Hierarchy.



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