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This function allows you to change not only general article data but also logistical data and info record data. The integrated mass change function provides a view with which you can compare several organizational levels. By selecting maintenance groups, you can determine which fields the system determines for processing.

The integrated mass change function only allows you to change existing articles. You cannot create new articles.


You can use the integrated mass change function as a standalone function, or call it from other functions, such as the article monitor.


You have defined maintenance groups for use in the integrated mass change function.

For more information, see Maintenance Group.


        You can make your own settings for integrated mass change and the system saves these with your user ID. These standard settings include, for example, a standard maintenance group and update settings.

To make personal settings, choose Utilities Personal Settings.

        To use the integrated mass change function to process articles, you must enter the following:

        Maintenance group

        Selection criteria

By entering a maintenance group, you determine which fields the system displays in the work area.


If you have defined a standard maintenance group in your personal settings, the system uses this maintenance group for all selections. To change the maintenance group, choose Mass Change Select Maintenance Group.


For the current selection, you can add or delete fields for a maintenance group. Choose Mass Change Select Maintenance Group and in the Select Maintenance Group dialog box, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Postprocess Maintenance Fields. You can change the selection of maintenance fields as required. The changes are only valid for your current working session. The system does not save them.

In the selection screen, you can choose selection fields according to your requirements. The system saves the selection criteria you have defined with your user name. You can use these until you change the criteria. You can display the current selection criteria.

        Once you have made a selection, the system displays the master data views in the navigation area for which articles were selected, and for which fields are defined in the maintenance group.

        To process articles, you first select them in the navigation area. You can process articles individually in the work area or with fast entry.


You can only select data from one maintenance level.

        You can search for an article on all levels. To do this, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Find Article.

        You can change this layout in the work area but you cannot save it.

        If you save changes, you can specify whether the system updates the data in parallel, background, or synchronous processing.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Data Article Integrated Mass Change.


       1.      Select a maintenance group.

       2.      Define selection criteria and execute the selection.

       3.      The system determines which articles have to be changed, and in the navigation area it displays the data views with the fields that you selected using the maintenance group, and for which the system selected articles.

       4.      Select the data from the level you require and double-click to display them in the work area.

       5.      Process the data with individual record change or mass change.

       6.      Save your changes and enter how the system should update the data.


You can also make your own personal update settings. When you save your changes, you can overwrite these standard settings.



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