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This topic does not apply to SAP systems running on IBM AS/400 or Microsoft Windows NT hosts. The log processes described in this topic aren’t required on these platforms.

SAP provides developers and system programmers with debugging facilities for system log processes. The debugging facilities consist of starting a process in trace mode. When in trace mode processes, exhaustively log their activities to trace logs. These traces logs are separate from the system log and unique to the send and collection processes.

You can start the send and collect processes in trace mode using the following command line options:


Redirect through stderr to a special log.


Write as free-format c-User entries in the SAP trace file. This option is valid only if SAP Trace is activated.


The same as specifying both -v2 and -vt.

Deleting Logs

If you use debug mode, trace output is not written in the system log. Instead, trace output is written into a separate trace log. The SAP system does not restrict the length of these trace logs.Ensure that you delete these trace logs when you finish debugging. If you do not delete the trace log, you can encounter shortages in disk space with trace turned on.



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