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This topic does not apply to SAP systems running on IBM AS/400 or Microsoft Windows NT hosts. The log processes described in this topic aren’t required on these platforms.

If you attempt to display the central log file and receive the error Syslog file not found, you may have problems with your central log configuration. To verify if you have configured your central log system correctly, display the central log file from each server in your SAP system.The central system log should contain the message:

Central system log is collected on <hostname>.

where <hostname> is the host you specified in the rslg/collect_daemon/host parameter.

To verify your central log configuration, check the configuration on the central log host and each server in your SAP system. Ensure that the following parameters are set correctly:




The SAPSYSTEM number in these parameters must be set to the central database server.If one or more instances have different SAPSYSTEM numbers, these systems are not included in the central lig. You can also ensure these values are identical, by setting the parameters in the default system profile, DEFAULT.PFL (see Setting Parameters for Central Logging ).


If your R/3 System only has one instance, you do not need a central log. In this case, set the parameter rslg/collect_daemon/host to NONE. Otherwise, when you attempt to display a central log, the system warns you that it can not find the central log.




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