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 Process documentation Specifying Log File Path Names Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can specify the paths and file names for local and central system log files with the following system profile parameters:




Specifies the active central log filename. Standard:



Specifies the old central log filename. When a log switch occurs, the active log file is copied onto the old log file. The default filename is:



Specifies the local log filename. Standard:


If necessary, you can edit these path names in the profile parameter maintenance. To do this, choose Tools CCMS Configuration Profile Maintenance.

SAP System Number

To specify log file path names, you can use the SAP system number directly or you can specify the symbols $$ in the profile. A system’s number is identified by the SAPSYSTEM parameter. This parameter is defined in a system’s start-up and system profiles. The SAPSYSTEM appears in SAP instance names.


C11 is the SAP SYSTEM. The host name is 1044, and is defined in the parameter SAPDBHOST. 17 is the SAP System number. Another C11 application server in hs1044 must have a different SAP system number.

Normally, all application servers of an SAP System have the same SAP number. Servers must have different numbers only if two servers that belong to the same SAP system are to run in the same host. In this case, the number is used to differentiate between the servers.




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