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To display a current system log, choose Reread system log from the System Log initial screen. The system displays a table with the system log entries. The information available with this table depends on your selection criteria. If you used the default selection criteria, your system log appears similar to the following:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


The title page of the system log includes a summary of your selection criteria. The last page of the log is a table of contents for the log.

If you select the with statistics option in the Format text box, the system includes a statistical analysis. This analysis includes a report of message frequency by client, transaction, report, and user.


An empty User field in a log report means that the system issued the message during startup or shutdown of the SAP system. There are some other system activities that are not assigned to an individual user.

Display Details

You can display detailed information on a specific entry by selecting the entry and choosing Edit Details.

Use Edit Analyze errors to display a detailed error analysis in the detailed view if short dumps or runtime errors have occurred.

Sorting the System Log Display

You can use the System Log  Sort to sort a log report by various criteria.

Messages and the Log Display

Choose Edit Ignore message if you want the system to ignore a message type. The next time the system processes the system log data for output, the system ignores messages of this type. When you use the Ignore message function, the system automatically enters the relevant message ID into the message ID exclusion/inclusion screen. You can only see this if you are working in the Expert Mode.



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