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Procedure documentation Changing Price Level Groups Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You change the individual components of a price level group. You can display the article groups in which the price level group is used.



       1.      On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Price Level Groups Change

       2.      To change a price level group, enter a price level group number. The input help displays a dialog box that you can use to search for price level groups. Choose the required price level group.

Apart from the price level group numbers, the descriptions in the current system language and the currency, you can use all the functions for price level group creation to create additional price patterns and price levels. You cannot make entries in fields that are not ready for input.

Note that validity periods cannot be changed for time patterns that have elapsed. You can, however, set the deletion flag for these price patterns.

You can only adjust the valid-to date of the current time pattern. You can enter any future date in this field. You cannot flag the current price pattern for deletion as the data in SAP BW is used for the current evaluation.

You can change the validity periods of future price patterns and flag them for deletion.

       3.      If all the price patterns in a price level group are flagged for deletion, the Deletion Flag is activated at price level group level. This means that the price level group is deleted physically when the next reorganization report runs.

The Where-Used List pushbutton on the toolbar allows you to search for the article groups in which the current price level group is used.



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