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You can create class hierarchies by assigning existing classes to superior classes (the class "ladies’ fashion," for example, could be assigned to the class "apparel").


The functions for creating class hierarchies are available for all users wanting to transfer objects to a classification system.

A number of standard SAP class types are available which are integrated into many business processes in the system. The following overview illustrates those SAP class types which are particularly relevant to retail functions.

Standard class type
(shipped by SAP)

in the class type


Article groups

(Class type 001)


Non-hierarchical grouping. An article can be assigned to more than one article group.

Merchandise category hierarchy

(Class type 026)


Hierarchical grouping which is used throughout SAP Retail (in creating assortments and in the Information System, for example). An article can only be assigned to one merchandise category.

Site groups

(Class type 030)


Non-hierarchical grouping

Site group hierarchy

(Class type 035)


Hierarchical grouping

Customer groups

(Class type 011)


Non-hierarchical grouping

Vendor groups

(Class type 010)

Creditors or vendors

Non-hierarchical grouping



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