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Classification is based on the SAP Classification System. This is a tool which enables you to group specific objects (for example, articles and sites) together in an ordered structure. Its basic function is as a repository for all the characteristics that the various different types of object can have. These characteristics can then be used to group similar objects together in classes (to "classify" the objects) so that the system can find them more easily in transactions.

The system then searches for objects using the class and the characteristics defined for the class; the characteristics can be used as search terms. This ensures that objects that are identical or similar from the point of view of their characteristics are retrieved as quickly as possible.

Each independent classification structure is defined as a class type (for example, class type 026 for merchandise categories).

Implementation Considerations

This component is necessary for SAP Retail.


Features which are possible in a class type are stored in the Classification System as characteristics (such as the characteristic "color" for articles). These features are the means by which objects can be distinguished from each other within a class type and they can be used as search terms.

Each characteristic can be assigned characteristic values (the characteristic "color," for example, could have the three characteristic values "red", "green" and "yellow").

If you need to group objects in a class type together, you can achieve this by defining classes (all articles which belong to the category of clothing, for example).

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