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Procedure documentation Making Global Pricing Changes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This procedure allows you to change prices uniformly for a number of info records or contracts by an absolute amount or percentage.


You can also change prices for scheduling agreements, provided the Customizing setting for the document type allows master conditions to be created.

This procedure is illustrated using the example of making pricing changes in information records. If you make changes to contracts, you start from a different screen.

Proceed as follows:


  1. On the Price Changes for Vendor's Info Records Screen enter the vendor and purchasing organization.
  2. You can also set the system so that you can only change conditions in information records that contain a particular article number or also those for which merchandise categories exist, for example. To do this, select the Information records without articles field. If you select this field, all information records will be changed, with and without article numbers; if you do not select this field, only those information records with particular article numbers will be changed.

    You can also limit the selection to a subset of articles.

  3. Enter the price change:

+ if the amount to be changed is positive

- if the amount to be changed is negative

" " (blank) if the current value of the condition, but not its leading sign, is to be overwritten.

  1. Define the validity period for the price change in one of the following ways:

In the Change conditions valid on field enter the date from which the change is to be valid. This change applies to all conditions that are valid after this date.

In the Change only valid from/to fields enter the validity period of the change. Enter a date range here if the price change is valid for a specific time period.


The existing validity periods will be changed to reflect the new validity period you enter.

For example, if the conditions for an info record are valid for the current year but the price change is only valid for May-June, then the system will split the existing validity period into three periods: January - April, May - June, and July - December.

  1. You can first simulate price changes (test run), which means that the prices will not be updated in the database. A list appears on which you can check the changes. To write the changes to the database, deselect the test run (simulation) field.
  2. Choose Program ® Execute. A new window appears.
  3. The system displays the old and new prices, along with the validity period. You can check the results of the change before saving.
  4. Save your entries.


The prices in the information records will then be changed for the periods specified.

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