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This procedure allows you to list and maintain conditions that determine the net price in a single information record or contract.

This procedure is described using the example of creating conditions in an information record. To maintain vendor prices centrally in one contract, you start from the screen Conditions for contract.


1. On the Conditions for Info Record Screen screen enter the purchasing organization, vendor and article number.

2. Enter the range of sites for which the information records are to be selected.

3. Choose Program ® Execute. A new window appears.

Choose Edit ® Scope to display either existing conditions only or all possibilities. Choose Existing conditions to change existing conditions or All possibilities. to create new conditions for the selected condition type and key combination.

4. Create or change the conditions:

- Creating New Conditions:

Position the cursor on the line containing the key for the condition record (here vendor and article).

Choose Conditions ® Create. A new window appears.

Maintain data for the main condition.

- Changing Conditions:

You make changes to conditions for particular validity periods. Place the cursor on a period.

Choose Conditions ® Change. A new window appears.

Change the data for the main condition as required.

You can create or change the following data:

- Supplementary Conditions

You define supplementary conditions if a particular main condition is always to be used in conjunction with one or more (supplementary) conditions in price determination. You define whether supplementary conditions are allowed for a particular condition type in Customizing.

Choose Suggest supplementary conditions to have the system suggest condition types for the supplementary conditions in question.

Maintain supplementary conditions as required.

- Free-Goods Discounts

If you wish to define free goods, choose Goto ® Free goods. Depending on what you chose previously, a window appears in which you can select the key combination for the free goods or you branch directly to the selection screen displaying the key for the free goods for which it was created.

Maintain the fields if necessary and execute the program. A new window appears.

You can enter free goods as either inclusive bonus quantity or exclusive bonus quantity.

Choose Goto ® Inclusive bonus quantity to define an inclusive bonus quantity. In the case of an inclusive bonus quantity, you cannot use a different free goods article.

Choose Goto ® Exclusive bonus quantity to define an exclusive bonus quantity. In this case of an exclusive bonus quantity, you can us the same article or a different free goods article.

- Scales

If you wish to define scales, select the required item and choose Scales. On the screen that appears enter the scale levels and the amounts.

Scales can only be entered if you have defined the condition type as a scale in the Customizing system.

- Validity Periods

If you wish to define different periods of validity for the various items, select the required item and choose Goto ® Validity periods. On the screen that appears enter the validity periods for the items.

5. Save your entries.


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