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Procedure documentation Creating Conditions With User-Defined Condition Types Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This procedure allows you to create conditions that use the condition types and/or access sequences you defined in Customizing.


If you use this function, remember that you must create a reference to the condition type in your calculation schema. This also applies if you have changed the calculation schemas in the standard system.


  1. On the Create Condition Records screen enter the condition type of the main condition.


Choose Environment ® Condition information to see the existing condition records for the condition type entered. Enter the selection criteria. Choose Execute and all the condition tables that contain records for this condition type are displayed. You can also make changes here.

  1. Choose Edit ® Key combination to obtain a list of possible data retention levels for the condition type. Choose one key combination only.


A key combination is the combination of key fields for which a condition can be entered in the system.

For example, you wish to maintain conditions for a particular vendor in a particular purchasing organization. The combination of these two key fields (key combination) is the data retention level for the condition.

Press ENTER. The condition fast entry screen appears.

  1. Enter the key and the condition.

The fields you enter data in depend on the key combination selected and on the access sequence defined for the condition type.

For example, if the condition type is a percentage discount and the condition table specifies the invoicing party key, you enter the invoicing party and the percentage for every item.

  1. For further information on maintaining supplementary conditions, free goods, scales and validity periods, see Defining Vendor Prices
  2. Save your entries.
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