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This business process allows you to enter purchase price conditions in the system. Condition values are assigned to different condition types at different data retention levels and for different periods.

Purchase price conditions (prices, discounts and surcharges) are usually negotiated with vendors at the end of the year in the form of condition agreements and can refer to individual articles, groups of articles or vendor sub-ranges. They are generally only valid for a specific period and usually only if certain requirements are met, such as terms of delivery. Sometimes conditions can be dynamic, which means that they change to suit competitive offers, seasonal factors or marketing policies.

Consequently, conditions must be stored in the system so that they meet the requirements of:

Process Flow

  1. You choose the condition type.
  2. You use the key combination to choose the data retention level for the conditions.
  3. You enter the header data and the validity periods for the main condition.
  4. You maintain the condition values for the main condition.
  5. (Optional) You enter supplementary conditions (along with the condition type, condition values and validity periods) for the main condition.
  6. (Optional) You enter the scales for the main and/or supplementary conditions.

Notes and Remarks:

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