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The key fields in a condition table often contain the actual recipient data for sending conditions. These fields are included in the VAKEY of the condition header in encrypted form. Segment E1KOMG contains this data in unencrypted form. You can therefore use standard ALE functions for filtering and distributing the data. As segment E1KOMG must be defined with fixed content, and customer-specific table key fields (XKOMG) cannot be added, these fields must be transferred to the target system via the VAKEY. For this reason, the segment also includes the VAKEY.

The process is as follows:

1. The VAKEY of the condition record is evaluated and transferred to the relevant fields of structure KOMG (customer key fields may exist).

2. User exit for modification of the new KOMG structure

The structure can be supplied with data for filter and distribution functions, i.e. data in existing fields can be included again.

Existing data can be converted.

3. The fields in structure KOMG, which may have been modified, are transferred to structure E1KOMG, if they exist in the structure.

4. The VAKEY is restructured from the modified KOMG structure and transferred to the fields VAKEY and VAKEY_LONG in structure E1KOMG.

1. The VAKEY of transferred structure E1KOMG is evaluated and transferred to the appropriate fields in structure KOMG for the creation of conditions.

2. User exit for modification of the new KOMG structure.

Converting of existing data

Supplying existing fields with data which may also be needed in the condition table of the target system, for example.

3. The condition is created with the content of structure KOMG.

The field conversions offered by the ALE layer cannot be used for conversion rules in inbound and outbound processing for the E1KOMG segment because the content of the VAKEYs has to be converted at the same time. However, this cannot be done with the existing options for the conversion rules (COMBINE or GROUP).

Conversions must therefore be made via the user exists in inbound or outbound processing, with the VAKEY being adjusted accordingly.


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