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Condition interchange allows you to upload conditions (inbound processing) and prices from external systems or other SAP systems. This enables the retail prices of vendors or the sales prices of wholesale customers to be transferred automatically to the system and be used for the transactions carried out there. This also means that conditions and prices can be included when you transfer article and contract data for example.

Conditions and prices can also be downloaded (outbound processing) for other systems.


In both inbound and outbound processing of conditions, the system converts standard SAP data to the ISO standard and vice versa. The data affected includes:


        Units of Measure

        Currencies and the associated amount fields

The actual transfer of data takes places via intermediate documents (IDocs) and application link enabling (ALE).

Inbound Processing

All the condition and price data contained in the IDoc is processed by the receiving system. In processing, the system differentiates between the following conditions:

        Time-dependent conditions

The data in the IDocs is copied to the relevant master data tables (such as information records).

        Time-independent conditions

These include contract conditions in master data tables.

Since not all condition types and tables are necessarily the same in the source system and in the target system, you have the option of a user exit to convert this data, for example:

        Converting a source condition type into a target condition type.

        Converting a source condition table into a target condition table

Please note the following for inbound data transfer:

        The inbound IDoc can be changed manually using the ALE functions. A condition that was not received in the partner system or which contained an error can be transferred manually as and when required.

        A detailed error log enables conditions to be subsequently maintained in the source system as required.

Outbound Processing

The change documents created as a result of conditions and price maintenance and in accordance with the settings made in the ALE view determine who should automatically receive certain information and when. You can also manually select conditions where and when required and distribute them to the selected systems.

Conditions and arrangements in Purchasing (enter E for volume-based rebate) can only be transferred manually. Change documents for these conditions cannot be taken into account.

Since less information than required may be contained in the conditions, you have the option of a user exit.

Please note the following for outbound data transfer:

        Only conditions which are formally consistent are transferred. If an error is detected, the status of the change pointer concerned is still set to processed, since the same error would occur if the data was to be transferred again.

        Only if a system error occurs when generating an IDoc is the status of the change pointers not changed. In this case, the data can be sent again.

        Transfer information can be called up via the functions available as standard in ALE.


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