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Procedure documentation Activating a Reclassification Version for Merchandise Categories/Articles Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This procedure allows you to activate on the current date any reclassification versions that you have already created. Proceed as follows:


If you wish to activate the reclassification at a later date, enter the change identification on the initial screen and save it as a variant. Then use this variant to schedule a background job on the desired date (via System ® Services ® Jobs ® Job definition). You can process the error list later in the job log and in the reclassification log.


  1. In the Activate MC Reclassification Version Screen enter the change identification for the reclassification version you have already created.
  2. Select check options as required:
  3. Mark checkboxes to indicate whether you wish to change the merchandise category in open purchase order items, whether you wish to create new listing conditions or delete old ones.

    These check options are only relevant if you are reclassifying articles.

  4. Run the program.

The reassignment of the objects, as defined in the change identification which you have entered, is checked by the system once more when the program is executed and is then posted straight to the database if the error log is empty.


On the next screen the reclassification log appears, displaying the results of the check.

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