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This process shows how to can change the assignment of articles to merchandise categories and merchandise category levels in merchandise category hierarchies.

This business process allows you to plan your reclassification for a specific date initially without actually carrying out the restructuring. The system runs the checks as planned in a simulated reclassification run on the date you have specified. You can save the simulation run with a temporary number thus allowing you to change it at any time and run new checks. When you have finally defined all the conditions and requirements for reclassification, you can activate the classification run in your system.



Process Flow

  1. Define the planned date for the reclassification version and assign a change identification.
  1. Select the objects to be reclassified:
  1. If an article is to be moved to a merchandise category which has a characteristics profile assigned to it, decide if the article should be assigned to the merchandise category directly or to the characteristics profile.
  1. The system checks the characteristics of source and target objects: reassignment is only possible if the characteristics and characteristic values of the source also exist in the target.
  1. The system checks the level at which stock is managed in the affected sites: if in at least one site the stock is managed at a higher level than the article level, reclassification is only possible if the value-only article remains the same or if no stock exists anyway.
  1. Process the error log and change the reclassification version, as necessary.
  1. Save the reclassification version. This is a simulation version, meaning that it does not take effect until it is actually activated. You can change this version right up until its activation date.
  1. By activating ("updating") the reclassification version, you confirm that the relevant objects are to be moved on a specified date and - if articles are being moved - that the merchandise categories are to be changed in open purchase orders and allocation table items (optional). New listing conditions can be created and old ones deleted, as required.
  1. If necessary, you update the Information System (manual function).



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