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Procedure documentation Creating Assignments to Merchandise Categories Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To assign a merchandise category hierarchy level and a characteristics profile to the merchandise category, proceed as follows:

1. In the Merchandise Category Change: Initial Screen , enter the merchandise category to which you wish to make assignments.

2. Proceed as follows:

- Merchandise Category Hierarchy Level

Enter a merchandise category hierarchy level and assign it to the merchandise category.


There is always an x:1 relationship between merchandise category and superior hierarchy level; in other words, you can only assign one merchandise category hierarchy level to the merchandise category. A merchandise category hierarchy level can, however, contain more than one merchandise categories.

- Characteristics profiles

Enter a characteristics profile and assign it to the merchandise category.


The relationship between characteristics profile and merchandise category is always x:m (m = multiple); in other words, you can assign a merchandise category more than one characteristics profile, each of which can, in turn, be assigned to other merchandise categories.

Each article must be assigned to precisely one merchandise category in Article Processing and can also be assigned to a characteristics profile. When an article is created, the relevant characteristics profile takes precedence over the more general structure of the merchandise category.


The articles have been successfully assigned to merchandise categories.


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