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Procedure documentation Creating a Characteristics Profile Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


  1. On the Create Char. Profile: Initial Screen enter the characteristics profile.

Choose the areas in which you wish to maintain data for the profile. The three areas are:

Basic data must be maintained; other data is optional.

To create a profile using an existing profile as a reference, choose Class ® Create with reference.

Choose ENTER.

  1. If you have entered a reference profile, a window appears in which you can choose reference areas. Make your selection and press ENTER . The next screen appears.
  1. Maintain the data in the selected areas, following the screen sequence presented to you.


Variant-creating characteristics for generic articles are defined using the relevancy indicator. Once you have set this indicator, you cannot deactivate it again if a generic article is already using the characteristic.

You cannot assign a further variant-creating characteristic once a generic article has been created.

  1. Save your entries.


The characteristics profile is now created.

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