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  1. Access the Create Article: Initial Screen. For assigning an article number to the article, you have the following options:

If you want to specify an article number yourself, and the article type allows external number assignment, you can enter one in the Article field.

If you want the article number to be assigned by the system automatically, and the article type allows internal number assignment, leave the Article field blank.

For more information on number assignment, see Articles: Article Numbers.

  1. Specify the article type and article category, and assign the article to a merchandise category.
  2. Select the user departments (views) whose data you want to create, and define the relevant areas of validity. You must always select the Basic Data view. You can maintain the data for the other views subsequently if you wish. If an article already exists with similar data, you can specify it as a reference article. Its data is proposed when you create the new article. If you do not specify a reference article, the merchandise category reference article is used instead, if one exists. For more information, see Articles: Reference Data.
  3. Choose Enter.
  4. If more than one characteristics profile has been assigned to the merchandise category, a dialog box appears in which you can select a profile. For more information on defining the possible values for the characteristics of a merchandise category (for example, only red, white, and blue in the case of color), see Characteristics Processing.

  5. This step depends on whether the article you are creating is a single article or a generic article.

The Basic Data screen appears.

A screen appears on which you can restrict the value ranges of the characteristics inherited from the merchandise category. For example, if color is the inherited characteristic, you can restrict the value range to red, white, and blue.

Choose Back. If the characteristics are variant-creating, a screen appears on which you can select the variants. For example, you can define the sizes in which the colors red, white, and blue are each to be available.


Characteristics are defined as variant-creating characteristics in merchandise category processing.

Choose Back. The Basic Data screen appears.

  1. Enter your data as required on the data screens for the user departments you have selected. However, be sure to read the documentation for the user department concerned (see below). By choosing Additional data, you can specify, for example, the following additional information:

For more information, see Articles: Additional Screens.

  1. Save your data.

Additional Information

For information on creating structured articles and their components, see also Articles: Structured Articles.



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