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You use the following processes to create, maintain, and display article master records.

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In Customizing for the Article Master, you can configure the dialog for maintaining article master records to suit your company's specific requirements; that is, you can configure the screen sequences, the screens themselves, and the subscreens. You do this in the section Configuring the Article Master. You can configure the dialog by user and by article type.

Process Flow

Creating Article Master Records

  1. The article is given a number, either by yourself (external number assignment) or by the system (internal number assignment). For more information on number assignment, see Articles: Article Numbers.
  2. You define the article type and article category, and assign the article to a merchandise category.
  3. You select the user departments (views) whose data you want to create, and define the relevant areas of validity. If the article is a generic article, you then define the variants.
  4. You enter your data as required for the user departments selected.

For a step-by-step description of the procedure, see Articles: Creating an Article Master Record.

For information on creating structured articles and their components, see also Articles: Structured Articles.

Maintaining and Displaying Article Master Records

  1. You specify the article number.
  2. You select the user departments (views) whose data you want to maintain or display, and specify the areas of validity as required.
  3. You maintain the data as required or display it for the user departments selected.

Additional Information

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