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IDoc type containing pure article master data and the following classification information that is required to create an article correctly:

These values are required to create the variant in classification.

The creation of a generic article as a class, and also the assignment of this class to a merchandise category or to a characteristics profile is performed in the background.


The header segment contains the information displayed on the initial screen in online mode such as the article type and merchandise category. It also contains information on number assignment and the characteristics profile if one or more exist in the merchandise category hierarchy and if one is to be used for characteristic value assignment. This segment can occur only once in an IDoc. In the case of generic articles, it exists only for the generic article, not for each variant.

For each database table, there is a corresponding segment containing the table data that can be maintained for the user.

If, in Customizing for the Article Master, you have extended the article master to include table fields of your own, you can also include the customer-specific data in the IDoc. For more information, see Articles: Customer-Specific Fields in ALE.

For details on the individual data segments and the fields contained therein, see the documentation on function module BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT. This business application programming interface (BAPI) converts the data contained in the IDoc into corresponding application data and updates it in the database.

For each area of validity for which article data can be maintained online, there is an area of validity table containing all areas of validity for which article data is to be created. The area of validity tables are as follows:

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