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SAP format in which article master data is to be distributed by Application Link Enabling (ALE).


As in online mode, you can maintain articles with all additional data during data transfer and distribution. The pure article data is sent in one IDoc and the additional data each sent in a separate IDoc. The data is not all sent in a single IDoc for the following reasons:

This makes it necessary to specify the sequence in which the individual related IDocs have to be posted. During updating, abends may otherwise occur due, for example, to a purchasing info record being created for an article that does not yet exist in the database. For this reason, you can define dependencies between objects in Customizing for Distribution (ALE). This ensures that, when distributing the changes to a dependent object, the changes to the higher-level object are processed at the same time, and that both IDocs are thus created in the correct sequence.

As with the creation of the IDocs at the sending end, they are posted at the receiving end only when a corresponding control message has been received indicating that all related IDocs have reached the target system.


The IDoc types relevant to the distribution of article master data are as follows:

Pure article master data

Purchasing info records

Purchasing source list

Listing conditions

Layout modules

Sales prices and sales price conditions, and purchasing info record conditions

Document assignment


Bill of material (BOM) structure for components of structured articles and empties BOMs

Only one empties BOM per article can be distributed with this IDoc type. If an article has more than one empties BOM, the empties BOM that was created first is distributed.


The following empties BOMs have been defined for the full product lemonade:

Unit of measure


Order of creation


1 large empty crate and 12 empty bottles



1 small empty crate and 6 empty bottles



1 empty bottle


The empties BOM for the unit of measure C12 is distributed; that is, it is the empties BOM with the number 1.

Unlike maintenance in online mode, it is not possible to create or change listing conditions or sales prices when transferring article data. Listing conditions and sales prices must be transferred in separate IDocs.

Although articles can be assigned to layout modules in dialog maintenance, these assignments are not distributed by the IDoc ARTMAS03 in outbound processing. The IDoc LAYMOD01 must be used to distribute them. For reasons of upward compatibility, the IDoc ARTMAS03 can still be used to process layout module assignments on the inbound side. When transferring data from a legacy system, you are recommended using IDoc LAYMOD01 and not IDoc ARTMAS03.

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