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The following data can be maintained for an article in the user department Basic Data (that is, at client level). When you create data for a lower area of validity, this data is proposed as follows:

Proposed from Basic Data to



Valuation class

Valuation margin


Listing period (proposed from the fields Valid-from and Valid-to)

Selling period (proposed from the fields Valid-from and Valid-to)

Logistics: Distribution Center / Store

ABC indicator

Batch management requirement indicator

Commodity code / Import code number

Country of origin

Loading group

Purchasing group

Region of origin

Sales unit (only stores)

Source of supply (only stores)

Unit of issue (only distribution centers)


Base unit of measure

Merchandise category

Order unit

Purchasing group

Purchasing value key

Unit of issue

Variable order unit


Pricing reference article

Product hierarchy

Sales unit (only distribution chains for stores)

Unit of issue (only distribution chains for distribution centers)


If the data is changed at client level, the changes are copied to the corresponding fields for the lower areas of validity if the fields have not been maintained differently. This does not apply to the fields listed above for the user departments Purchasing and Listing. These fields are not changed.


Data at client level is proposed and changes copied to the corresponding fields for lower areas of validity only if the system is configured accordingly in Customizing (see Articles: Reference Data).

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