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Reference articles are used to propose data when creating and extending an article master record. All data defined for the reference article is proposed, except for EANs, consumption values and forecast values, and prices and conditions (purchasing and sales).

The generic article is always used as the reference article for the variants.


Subsequent changes to reference articles are not copied to the articles created from them.


Data from the reference article is proposed only if the system is configured accordingly in Customizing (see Articles: Reference Data).


There are two types of reference article:

Here, you enter the reference article in the Reference article field on the initial screen.

It is not possible to use both types of reference article at the same time. If you have entered a reference article on the initial screen, it has precedence over a merchandise category reference article. If you have created an article master record using a reference article, you can extend it using a merchandise category reference article, and vice versa.

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