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Due to the large amount of data in article maintenance, the user is offered default data when creating or extending an article master record. This keeps the time required to enter data to a minimum and makes it possible to copy changes to the reference data to dependent data records.

The default data can come from the references listed in the following table. Also indicated is the priority (1 = highest) with which the default data is used when you create an article master record.



Customizing for Seasons


Vendor master record


Reference site1 including data from profiles 2


Same article


Generic article


Reference article



7 (though there are some exceptions such as the valuation category)


8 (though there are some exceptions such as areas of validity)

1 For more information, see Articles: Reference Logistics Data and Differently Maintained Logistics Data.

2 For more information, see Structure link Profiles in the SAP library documentation LO Material Master.


If you want the field content for individual fields to be proposed from the reference, make sure that the indicator Propose field content is set for the field concerned in Customizing for the Article Master in Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups. You can define that the field content is not proposed if the field in the reference is blank or zero.

If you want changes to a field in the reference to be copied to the dependent field, make sure that the indicator Copy field content is set in addition to the indicator Propose field content.

In both cases, you can define that the field content is proposed and copied only for certain article categories (for example, that the field content is proposed for variants, but not for single articles or generic articles).

Reference data from the vendor master record, from Customizing (including Customizing for Seasons), and from constants is always proposed, irrespective of the setting in Customizing in Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups.


With the exception of listing data, purchasing info records and sales prices, you do not have to confirm default data explicitly. It is created automatically if you have selected the corresponding user departments on the Create Article: Initial Screen.

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