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Due to the large amount of data in article maintenance, the user is offered default data when creating an article master record. This keeps the time required to enter data to a minimum and makes it possible to copy changes to the reference data to the dependent data records.

Logistics data can be divided into the following types:

Here, the system proposes this data from the reference site and copies any changes to it to the dependent sites if the respective fields for the dependent sites have not been maintained differently and if your system has been configured accordingly in Customizing (see Articles: Reference Data).

Here, the system only proposes this data from the reference site when you create an article. Any changes to this data are not copied to the dependent site(s). This data is as follows:

Some of these fields are proposed from the user department Purchasing or from the vendor master. If you want changes to this data to be copied from the reference site to the dependent sites (see Articles: Reference Data), you must define in Customizing for the Vendor Master that the data is not proposed from the vendor master. For more information, see Articles: Vendor-Related Reference Data.


You have defined your reference sites in Customizing for Logistics Basic Data: Retail in General Control, Retail Master Data, and, if required, a reference store for each distribution chain (distribution-chain-specific reference store) in Distribution Chain Control. Reference sites can be operational sites, though this is not recommended since reference sites cannot be maintained differently.


You can maintain data differently at the following levels:

In the case of a dependent site, this allows you to maintain site-specific data differently from the reference site.

If you have specified a storage location defined for the dependent site (in Customizing for Enterprise Structure in Maintain Storage Location), you can maintain the storage location data of the dependent site differently from that of the reference site.

If you have not defined the storage location of the reference site for the dependent site, the storage location data cannot be copied from the storage location of the reference site.

If you have specified split valuation in Customizing for Valuation and Account Assignment in Configure Split Valuation, you can maintain the valuation-type-specific data of the dependent site differently from that of the reference site.

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