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In this user department, you maintain sales-specific data for an article, in particular the sales prices. The sales prices can differ according to:


It is not mandatory to specify a distribution chain for sales data. However, if you access the Sales screen in the article master without specifying one, only the header data is displayed. On the Sales screen, you can specify areas of validity by choosing Area of validity.


On the Sales screen, the system displays the sales price for the specified area of validity (that is, distribution chain or site). It has determined this price in the background from the purchase price defined on the Purchasing screen and from parameters defined in Customizing, such as:

Determines the sales pricing schema (sometimes referred to as the sales pricing procedure). It contains, for example, the planned markup and the net/net purchase price.

Defines whether and how a sales price is rounded.

These parameters are defined by your system administrator in Customizing for Retail Pricing in:


For more information on blocking an article for specific distribution centers, distribution chains, or stores, see:

Displays further details affecting sales price calculation such as conditions, discounts, and costs.

Provides details of sales-specific data at article level/distribution chain level such as the volume rebate group and the pricing reference article.


You maintain discounts at sales level by choosing, on the Condition/Arrangement screen, Conditions: Sales ® Discounts/surcharges ® Other ® Create.

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