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Process documentation Vendors: Building Vendor Hierarchies Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You build a vendor hierarchy to reflect the structure of a vendor organization.

Process Flow

  1. You create master records for each node that you plan to include in the hierarchy (some of your master data, such as vendors, may already exist).
  2. You assign the nodes to each other, gradually building up your hierarchy.
  3. You assign your vendors to the appropriate nodes.

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Usually, you create a hierarchy starting with the uppermost node, then create subsequent levels. Vendors are usually assigned to nodes at the lowest level of the hierarchy. However, it is also possible to assign vendors to nodes at higher levels in the hierarchy. For example, a particularly large store in a chain of retail outlets may be assigned to a regional office rather than to a local sales office.


The following graphic shows the example from Vendors: Vendor Hierarchies in greater detail. Smith Central is the higher-level node for Smith South and Smith North. Smith North is the higher-level node for Smith Northwest and Smith Northeast, and so on. As a rule, each node in the hierarchy has the same organizational data. This data can also vary.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



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