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To set a general site block (for the whole client for a particular period), proceed as follows:

  1. On the Change Site: Initial Screen enter the site to be blocked and press ENTER .

The screen for entering general site data appears.

  1. In the Block section enter the blocking reason and the period during which the block is to apply.


The blocking reason controls the blocks that are set for the whole client and how the system reacts to the different blocks (e.g. order block).

Via Customizing ® Control ® Blocking reasons, you can display the blocking reasons already defined and maintain new ones.


The blocking information for the sales areas entered has no effect here, i.e. the blocking key can only be used for all sales areas (across the whole client).

  1. Save your entries.


A batch program that runs every night (for example) analyzes the blocking reasons for the general site block using the validity period of the block. As required, the system sets or deletes the blocking indicator for the sites concerned. This is valid for the whole client. If the period during which a site is blocked starts today and the batch program only runs tonight, the site will not be blocked until tomorrow.

If customer blocks (e.g. order blocks) are to be set by means of the blocking reason, the background job sets these blocks in the customer part of the site.

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