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To create a vendor master record for a site (in its capacity as a vendor), proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Goto ® Vendor. The Create vendor initial screen appears.
  2. This screen contains default organizational data proposed from the site profile.


If, in addition to general vendor data, you wish to create data that is only to apply to a particular company code and purchasing organization, you must also enter the relevant company code and purchasing organization.

Creating Vendors for Other Organizational Units:

Using the Change site transaction, you can create vendor data for other company codes/ purchasing organizations. To do so, choose Vendor from the change screen of the general data. The vendor selection list appears. Choose Vendor ® Extend.

By pressing ENTER , you proceed to the other screens in the vendor master record.

  1. On these screens you can maintain the vendor data relevant to the site:


Some of the screens require you to enter specific data or are logically linked to other screens, which you branch to via pushbuttons.

  1. Once you have gone through all screens, the general site data screen reappears.

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