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To create a site master record, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Site Create: Initial Screen enter the site number, a site profile, and the reference site number if you are using one.

Choose ENTER. The screen for entering general site data appears.


  1. Maintain the general data for the site.

If you do not enter a purchasing organization, all purchasing organizations the site is assigned to in Customizing will be responsible for the site.

Enter the distribution chain to which the site belongs. A site is assigned to exactly one distribution chain. On the basis of this assignment, the site can use this distribution chain as a means of supply. In the customer data, you maintain sales segments which the site is allowed to procure merchandise from.


You can only assign a number of distribution chains (which the site can procure merchandise from) and different purchasing organizations once you have created a site and subsequently changed it via Site ® Change. On the change general site data screen choose the option for distribution chains for site or for purchasing organization. A new window appears. You can maintain further assignments here.


  1. Maintain the customer data for the site ( Customer Processing for Site).
  2. In the steps that follow, maintain the additional data for the site ( Additional Site Data).
  3. Maintain the vendor data for the site ( Vendor Processing for Site).
  4. From the menu, choose Customizing ® Copy for site. If you have entered a reference site, the system will display the Customizing settings that will be copied that will be copied when you save.

If you have not yet assigned a reference site to a site or if you wish to assign a different one, enter the site number and choose List ® New selection. The system will then display the relevant tables.

You can also use a different copy rule to enable you to copy fewer Customizing settings, for example.

The different colors are used to show which tables contain entries for the reference site and which do not. By double-clicking on a line, you can change the entries for the reference site in the relevant Customizing tables.


If you make changes to Customizing settings for a reference site, these changes are not updated in sites which the settings have already been copied to.

Choose List ® Confirm to copy the table entries and their contents.

  1. Save your entries.

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