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This business process allows you to create sites.

Sites can carry out the functions of a vendor as well as those of a customer. When sites carry out vendor functions, they provide goods for other customers or sites. When sites carry out customer functions, they receive goods or services from external vendors or other sites.

When a site is created in the system, you not only create a set of general data (such as the address and inventory management information) on the site, you also create data on the customer functions of the site. If the site profile requires you to create the site as a customer, you must enter the customer data in the system. By maintaining additional site data, you can, for example, assign merchandise categories to the sites and define supplying sites that can later be used in supply source determination.

You can use a reference site and a copying rule to reduce the amount of data you have to enter. This enables you to copy the Customizing settings from the reference site to the site to be maintained.

SAP Retail enables you to maintain all the necessary data for a site in a single transaction. This transaction can be divided into the following areas (views):

Process flow

  1. You assign the site a number and a site profile (which you use to define the site category and the type of settlement). You can also enter a reference site.
  2. You assign organizational units to the site.
  3. You maintain the general site data.
  4. You maintain the customer data for the site. This includes general customer data, customer company code data (optional), and customer sales area data (optional).
  5. Depending on your requirements, you maintain additional data, such as supplying sites, departments and merchandise categories.
  6. You maintain the vendor data for the site if the site profile requires it. This includes general vendor data, vendor company code data (optional), and vendor purchasing organization (optional).
  7. If required, you evaluate the characteristics of the site (such as the store manager and number of employees).
  8. If required, you copy the Customizing settings from the reference site.
  9. The site is now created. The system has also created an assortment that the merchandise categories of the site are assigned to. The assortment has the same number as the site master, providing this has not already been assigned. If it has, an internal number is determined.

Notes and remarks

If you want to create departments for sites, you have to define these first in Customizing.


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