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You can use this function to discontinue sites created in the system if you no longer require them.


The related master data is normally archived first. There are two steps in this process:

  1. The system checks whether it is able to delete the data, and if so records this in archive files. If a data record is still used in other functions, the system does not store this in the archive file.
  2. A deletion program reads the archive file for the data record and deletes the data that is flagged for deletion from the database.

Data is archived using the Archive Development Kit (ADK). The ADK contains an archiving object for every object that can be archived. You may need to transfer archived and deleted master data back to the system. For this reason there is a reloading program for most master data.

A site always contains customer data, and may also contain vendor data. A site is archived in three steps to take account of this:

  1. Customer data is archived (archiving object FI_ACCRECV)
  2. Vendor data is archived (archiving object FI_ACCPAYB)
  3. General site data is archived (archiving object WS_ACSITE)

This process ensures that the customer and vendor data for a site is archived in the appropriate customer and vendor archive files. The advantage of this is that customer or vendor data that is needed at a later date can be accessed directly from the appropriate archive files.


See CA Archiving and deleting application data: Structure link Archiving General Site Data (LO-MD-PL)

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