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So that you can use all SAP Retail functions for sites that you created without the Retail maintenance transaction (industrial plants), you must first convert the sites to retail sites. You can then assign retail-specific information to them.

You must also convert existing customers into retail sites.


You can convert an existing industry plant to a retail site by creating a new site. The system recognizes that the industry site exists and adds the retail-specific data and customer information.

As when you create new retail sites, you can use a reference site. The system then copies data and Customizing settings.

Existing customers can also be converted into retail sites by creating new retail sites. When assigning this customer to a site, you can use an existing industry plant or enter the new site which is to be created. If the site already exists, then the retail-specific data is added to it.


In the initial screen for the customer, the system suggests a customer number which is the same as the site number. You can overwrite the suggested number with an existing customer number.

The system recognizes that this customer exists and displays a dialog box. Here, you can assign the existing customer to a site or enter a different customer.

When you create the new site, you can change an existing customer or add sales or company code data.

You can also assign existing vendors when you create a site, and change or add data relating to these.



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