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It is often desirable for stores belonging to the same distribution chain, or departments in a store, to have the same system of merchandise presentation and shelving structure, regardless of their size. This allows customers to find their way better round a store, no matter whether it is their home store or a store in a different town, and therefore provides greater customer satisfaction.

To achieve this as cost-effectively as possible, you can define site layouts in SAP Retail. You assign these layouts to sites or individual departments.

A site layout is divided into layout areas.

Layout areas in turn are divided into layout modules, which articles are assigned to.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Articles can be located in one or more places in a store. In the basic data of the article master for each article, you can define a main layout module and a number of additional layout modules that are to contain the article. You can enter a sort sequence to define the precise placement of articles within a layout module. The sequence of articles you determine is then reflected in the assortment list, which is sorted in the same way for printing purposes.

The structure of a layout is described below:

You can also specify that the assortments to be assigned to a site layout may only consist of the articles included in the site layout.

A store or department can also be assigned an area schema that provides you with a basic profitability analysis for the area. You give an area weighting to the layout area by defining area portions that indicate the relative area portion of the layout area within the site layout.



These details provide the following profitability analysis for layout module ELECTRONICS:


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