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To simplify the entry procedure when creating a new site, you can identify a reference site from which the system copies settings for the new site.


The following data is copied from the reference site:

- Organizational data

- Company code (table T001K, field BUKRS)

- Purchasing organization (table T001W, field EKORG)

- Sales organization (table T001W, field VKORG)

- Distribution channel (table T001W, field VTWEG)

- Division (table T001W, field SPART)

- Sales district (table T001W, field BZIRK)

- Sales office (table WRF1, fields VKBUR and WRK)

- Calendar (table T001W, field FABKL)

- Valuation area (table T001K, field BWKEY)

- Valuation grouping code (table T001K, field BWMOD)

- Profile for inventory management on value basis (table T001K, field WBPRO)

- Indicator for sales price valuation (table T001K, field XVKBW)

- Revaluation profile (table T001K, field UPROF)

- Sales organization retail price reduction (table WRF1, field BWVKO)

- Distribution channel retail price reduction (table WRF1, field BWVTW)

- Negative stocks permitted (table T001K, field XBKNG)

- Batch status management (table T001W, field CHAZV)

- Stock correction tolerance (table T001K, field BDIFP)

- Sales area determination (table T001W, field VTBFI)

- Indicator for listing conditions (table WRF1, field KZLIK)

- Indicator for subsequent listing (table WRF1, field NLMATFB)

- Listing procedure for store types (table WRF1, field LSTFL)

- Basic listing rules (table WRF1, field LIGRD)

- Requirements planning (table T001W, field BEDPL)

- SOP plant (table T001W, field WKSOP)

- Regular vendor (table T001W, field BZQHL)

- Automatic purchase order conversion (table WRF1, field AUTOB)

- Source list requirement (table T001W, field KORDB)

- Conditions at plant level (table T001W, field KKOWK)

- Supply region (table T001W, field ZONE1)

- Distribution profile (table T001W, field FPRFW) (up to now without function)

- POS outbound profile (table WRF1, field KOPRO)

- POS inbound profile (table WRF1, field INPRO)

- Assortment list profile (table WRF1, field BBPRO)

- Layout ( table WRF1, field LAYVR)

- Area schema (table WRF1, field FLVAR)

- Sales area (table WRF1, field VERFL)

- Sales area unit (table WRF1, field VERFE)

- Node type supply chain network (table T001W, field NODETYPE)

- Departments (table WRF4)

- Merchandise categories (table WRF6)

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