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When you create a site master record, you have to specify a site profile. Site profiles are used to differentiate site categories (distribution center or store) and control maintenance functions.


The following site profiles are available:

All the transactions in the supply chain in this case take place within the same company code. From the point of view of the distribution center, no sales transaction takes place. The system therefore switches off the sales and billing screens in this case.

From the point of view of the distribution center, sales transactions involve different company codes. The sales and billing screens are available.

Stores that do not belong to the company are supplied by the distribution center.

This is a normal customer that is created as a site so that you can use site functions (for example, allocation tables, promotions, receiving points).

A franchisee is a merchant who operates as an independent company funded by equity capital and offers goods or services using a standardized marketing strategy in stores owned by a franchiser.


Site profiles are assigned accounts groups (customer/vendor) and site categories (distribution center or store). The account groups mainly control number assignment and screen modification.

You define the available site profiles in Customizing.


Once you have created a site you cannot change the site profile or the site category.

Changes to the screen modification group in the site profile apply for all sites. However, changes to the site category only apply to sites created after you made the changes.



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