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Every site master record is assigned a unique number for identification purposes. You require this number, for example, to call the master record or enter purchase orders.


Wherever possible, customer and vendor master records should have the same number. This makes it easier for you to use the functions which are based on this data.


How numbers are assigned, and which number range is used, for vendors and customers is determined by the account group of the site profile you have to enter when you create a site master record.

The system makes sure that the number you enter has not been assigned to any other object.

The Classification System, for example, uses the customer number. Numerical site numbers are extended to ten-digit numbers in the vendor and customer data (for example, site 2500, customer 0000002500). However, they can be used in the same way.


If the external number assignment function is active, you allocate numbers when creating sites.



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