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A site is an organizational unit used to document goods stored in distribution centers and stores for the purposes of inventory management, and to model the associated business processes, such as goods receipt, physical inventory and goods issue.

The site master contains information on all the sites, that is all distribution centers and stores, in your company. This information is stored in master records for each individual site. The data contained in a site’s master record then appears as suggested values for a wide variety of business processes.

Implementation considerations

These functions are part of the business function Retail Enhancements (ISR_RETAILSYSTEM) that you usually activate with the Retail business function set.

Storing the master records centrally and sharing them between applications means that you only have to enter data once. If a site has a change of address, for example, the new address only ever has to be entered once.


A site is an independent unit that has its own Inventory Management and orders its own stock. A site can, however, be considered as a customer, since sales functions, such as delivering and billing, are carried out by head office for the site. This is why a site is always maintained in SAP Retail in its capacity as a customer.

A distribution center is also a vendor (creditor), as it supplies merchandise to other sites.


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